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Hey everyone!

I’ve actually met Josh Bartlett in Vegas last year with Matt Wolfe and Joe Fier. They are all great friendly dudes!
During that time Josh  JUST released his Easy Video Player v1. And had great success. ahhhh Vegas great times.

I don’t really do much video, Why?:

1. I don’t like seeing myself on film, it’s just plain weird.
2. it fairly complicated (iam too lazy, lol)
3. I suck at recording video, as you’ll see below :)

I really need to start making more videos now :)

Easy Video Player 2.0 Review:

This isn’t a fly-by-net product. Josh and EVP have been on the market for over a year now, and in internet time, that’s a long while lol.

OK down to the FUN stuff. Here are some of the KEWL stuff Easy Video Player 2.0 can do for you:

  • Video Stats
  • Split -Testing
  • Overlays – add Optins, buttons, url redirect within the video
  • Timed buttons
  • Integration with Amazon Storage S3
  • Facebook/twitter/download/embed features.

The REALLY KEWL thing about this it that this can create a full web page with Video and Timed buttons with Facebook Comments.
With a few clicks
you can create a page like this Sexy Halloween costumes

Here is a Sample Video –

Dashboard Review of Easy Video Player:

When you first log in; you get to see the dashboard. A very CLEAN and SIMPLE interface showing the Overall STATS of all the videos. You’re able to track how many Facebook “likes” you get, how many times the video was Tweeted, downloaded, embed etc etc. Plus a very interesting stat which shows the percentage of completion; (how many people watched your video till the end)

easy video player dashboard

Video Split Testing

You’re able to run split tests to see which video converts the most leads into buyers.

Easy Video Player Split Testing

Video Overlays, Buttons, Optin-in Forms

This stuff is really neat as well. With the Button and Overlay features you’re able to achieve lots of different outcomes. You’re able to have a Button appear at anytime during the video with your url. You can also redirect the user to any website automatically after the video ends. Or you can have a Opt-IN blog with your Aweber code appear during the video! The options are pretty much endless. This video software allows you to pretty much anything with a video, perfect for affiliate marketers.

Easy Video Player Overlays

Other Comments

Installation –
Easy Step-by-step instructions where provided.  You install it on your own webhosting account.
All you need to do is upload it, create a database and it’s installed.

Where are the videos Hosted?

This is really cool – it automatically integrates with s3 amazon web services.  You pay like $0.01 for like 1000 views or something like that. All i did was setup my account and placed my ids within the settings in EVP and it takes care of the rest of it.

The Bad?

I still like the idea of having my videos hosted for free on youtube. If you don’t plan on using video sales-letters, or affiliate videos, then i wouldn’t recommend this software. It also isn’t the cheapest either for people just starting out with a starting price of  $127. Another downfall is that the videos have EVP watermark on the videos, which is removable with the commerial license for an extra $77.


Video marketing is the future. The software will give you a definite head start on most people within the video marketing scene. This software does come with a price, not suitable for really new people just starting affiliate marketing. There is a whole lot of features and techniques you can use with this software. In the right hands it can seriously generate alot of leads, sales, and cash. I highly recommend easy video player, two thumbs up! :)

Click here to Access Easy Video Player 2.0

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  1. Hi Brad,

    Thanks for the great review of the EVP2 product. I have purchased but not got it all up and running yet. I agree that marketing with video is a must now. I look to use video more in the days ahead.

    I also enjoyed reading your post on bloggers that use dishonest means to market products. It’s about time that something has been said about some of these dishonest practices.

    Thanks for your great content!

    Best Regards,

  2. This is a great opportunity to every one to earn money on line. As video marketing is the future so I think easy video player is a step towards success…..

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