This are the tools and services, I actually use on a daily basis.



I use, to design Facebook ads, Banner ads, quotes,
and anything else really, It’s simplified Photoshop without the cost :)

FileZilla – Free FTP software


I personally use, and each purchase comes
with a whois protection And the domains are some the the cheapest around. is another domain register that I use. (lots of coupons on the net)

Web Hosting

I use Surpass Hosting for my Dedicated server,
and Godaddy for $1 wp hosting,


Aweber – everyone knows this one, I’ve used for years. Well supported.  – Currently testing. I’ve had some weird glitches. – Currently testing. They claim to have better in-boxing then the rest. I like the fact it tracks/calculates subscriber lifetime value plus it has really fast and awesome support, even though I have experienced some down time with them.


Keyword Research

Keyword Ultra (not open to the public, yet!)
THE BEST keyword research out there, Create keyword list up into the MILLIONS! check domain availability, search trends, SEO stats, competition check, etc,

I am a bit bias on this, but one of my best friends spend YEARS developing this software! I’ve been a beta tester for years for it.

Market Samurai
This software saves alot of time .  Using it’s filters, you can easily drill down to keywords that are easy to rank for and get you tons and tons of free traffic.

Google Keyword Planner
Basic Keyword searching and traffic searching

Backlink Research
Seo Backlink research
Seo Backlink research

SEO Competitive Research.


Cora. Correlation research tool.


For Websites, I always use the wordpress platform; It’s soo widely used, and has every possible plugin to make it work with everything. (for being free, it beats pretty much everything else out there). These sites can handle heavy traffic right out the box.



Genesis from Studio Press

I bounce theme to theme all the time. For me it’s hard to settle just on one style.  Currently This is the one I am using at the moment.   – specialty  local themes.



  • Fixed Widget
  • W3 Cache – Caching Plugin – Advanced users. I’ve used this for years,
    and never got it to the point where I was happy, even with their paid support..
  • WP Rocket  – Caching Plugin – Paid, but very easy to setup.
  • MaxCND   – Only recommend if you have a high-traffic website.
  • WordFence ( WP – anti-virus/firewall)  I’ve been hacked serveral times.
    It’s always a huge hassle to fix.
  • Popup Domination
    creates a lead capture/squeeze page on any page of your site.
    It creates a very pretty, lightbox popup over your screen so
    people have to fill out the box or hit the ‘x’ to see what’s on your page.

So There you have it…. You really don’t need many tools when you get started just a website and paypal. No need to over think it. Once you get started and have money coming in then you can start adding the tools to help you out. It’s not necessary.

ClickFunnels  <- This is very interesting, as it lead-pages, shopping cart software, the main reason I’d rather have this service than manage a bunch of small blogs. Maintenance on many tiny blog is killing me  ** currently testing**   And this tool is really all you need to get started. It’s great for people just getting started.  Basically they connect to a free mailing service and stripe (credit-card processor) so you are up and running in no time, just put up your offer and send traffic and business is running!