Get Indexed in Google Fast!

Get Indexed in Google Fast!


google indexCompany’s on the net are offering this service for $100 to get your website listed on Google in 24 hours. Well that’s a bunch of crock. Totally not worth it. The easiest way is to submit your sitemap.xml to google webmaster tools and they’ll spider your site within the hour. For those that don’t have or know what a sitemap is I’ll tell you in my next post.

Here is the FREE way to do it. Go to All the URLS below (replacing “” with your website)!

Why does this get you indexed fast?
We’ll once you visit this sites, what happens is that they dynamically create a static page for your URL which contains an active URL link to your page. These bigger sites get Crawled by google 100,1000’s times a day. So when you when the google bot finds that new page it follows it to your site. BAMM! Your site is now indexed. I can never say no to free back-links. :)

Not bad eh!


7 thoughts on “Get Indexed in Google Fast!

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  2. Awesome, even if you already have been indexed, this will probably get you traffic and some backlinks.

    Thanks, I stumbled this as well, I thought more people would find it beneficial.

  3. Superb, thanks for the great free info!!
    Certainly saved some money and time in getting some quality links. Keep up the good work!!


  4. Thanks for the short-cut lead on indexing! I am fairly new to all this and every tip I can get pays off big time for me.
    I’ll be checking in here again…
    Once again…

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