Simple Website Planning Guide

This blog post is Part 1 of a 3-part series of articles designed to help you understand how to plan your website or blog. Are you thinking about getting a website for your offline business? If so, one of the many choices you need to make is whether or not to build this site yourself, … Read more

Basic Guide To WordPress Widgets

There are loads of benefits to choosing the WordPress CMS platform to build, manage and grow a website. One of these reasons is that you can easily add content, enhance your website and rearrange your site’s layout with no programming skills and knowledge required. WordPress gives you the ability to quickly and easily add, delete, … Read more

Best eCommerce Themes For WordPress

Are you planning to set up a web store? The WordPress developer community not only makes great e-Commerce plugins available to users, but there are also lots of great WordPress website templates that you can use to set easily up and run your web-store online. In this blog post, I’ll show you where to find … Read more

How To Log Off WordPress

log out wordpress

This short tutorial guides you on how to log out from your WordPress site. If you’re new to WordPress, the information below will help you if you or someone you know is experiencing difficulties working out how to log out of the WordPress administration area. Normally, when working on a site in your own device … Read more

How To Make A WP Page Your Static Home Page

Most sites have a front page that acts as the virtual “face” of your business and greets every visitor arriving on your website via the front door. The front page of your site is critical because it is the first page a visitor sees when they arrive on your site. It leaves a lasting first … Read more