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I get my all my domains from

Website Hosting

For Beginners, I recommend : Namecheap Managed WordPress Hosting,

Namecheap is great for people getting started with small traffic websites
< 5,000 visitors a month. Once you start getting real traffic you’ll need to upgrade.

This is where I currently host on my websites on, Recommended for higher traffic websites. No need to start here until your ready. They provide a CDN (free) and have store data on SSD’s, which makes it a very fast. WPX is a very tech forward webhost

WordPress Theme,

I change wordpress themes, almost monthly. There are too many to list out there. You want a clean and fast theme. Today I am using Acabado. It is super fast and has some cool built in


I mainly drive traffic via SEO, I create content that provides valve and push it towards display ads/affiliate programs.

SEO, FB ads, Ad Networks