What Is Article Marketing?


Article marketing is all about advertising. More specifically, it’s a type of advertising that involves businesses and companies writing succinct articles about themselves, their area of expertise, or their operations as a form of marketing strategy. Highly effective and widely used by businesses and companies, article marketing is known by its distinctive style. This includes both a byline and a bio box (usually referred to as a resource box) concerning the business. The following covers all you need to know about article marketing.

What Is Article Marketing?

One Version Is Old-School Article Marketing

Old-school article marketing centers around offline efforts that don’t involve the Internet. Believe it or not, this type of article marketing has been utilized by businesses almost as long as mass print has been around; it has that long a history! For instance, a business can offer content to a paper on a timely subject, like an article on tax audits as the tax season rolls along. The paper has the option of using the article, but also including the business’ contact information and name in the piece. These articles may be seen in the business sections of papers across the country.

Another Version Is Internet Article Marketing

The newer version of this form of advertising is Internet article marketing. In this approach, the expertise of the author is being promoted, usually along with his products and services. All of this promotion takes place on the Internet, courtesy of article directors. Article directories are websites that feature collections of various articles written on a wide variety of topics. If an article directory has a high website ranking, it gets a lot of site visitors and is seen as an authority site. This then results in both the provision of PageRank to the author’s site and increased web traffic. Article marketing also uses article directories as a free host; it then obtains site traffic through organic searches that come from the listing’s SEO authority.

How Internet Article Marketing Works

Internet article marketing works by attempting to drive more and more search engine traffic to the specific article. As a result of this increased traffic, the author of the article will then be seen as both influential and an authority in his niche or field. In addition, this extra site traffic will be leveraged by the author for his own site. Article marketing is all about providing the reader with value, being useful information he can come away with. Bad article marketing involves shamelessly promoting one’s products, services and website.

Article marketing has been around for a really long time. It is something that started with newspapers decades and decades ago. Since the popularity of the Internet grew, article marketing has become even more popular and widely used. As far as article marketing on the Internet goes, the main goal is to increase site traffic to the author who hopes to become seen as an influential authority on the subject that he’s written about.


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