Soical Bookmarking, Disadvantages


There has been alot of hype on net about web 2.0, soical bookmarking. Every one is saying “ohhh it’s the greatest”.

Well when I tried it, It doubled my Traffic! I was soo happy for about a month.

Then guess what!!

My Stumble Traffic went from 30,000 visits a month to about
500 visits a month!

The soical bookmarks started to fade and my traffic died back to it’s oringal amount of traffic I was getting just from the SE. If your site isn’t “soically kewl” or continuely Hot it will fade fast. You can be “hot” one day and the next day your “not” :(

Lesson to be learned, don’t depend on soical traffic for permanent results.
Always use SE traffic as staple and any soical traffic as gravy while it lasts.

P.S –> If anyone knows how to keep soical bookmarks constantly fresh let me know!


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