Simple Tweak to Decrease Unsubscribe Rate


Hey Loyal Readers!

Today I’ve got a simple tweak to decrease your unsubscribe rate in your Aweber
and/or your auto-responder account.

People Click on the unsubscribe link not knowing what it is., They just click all the links.
Thinking it’s the “confirmation link” and or who knows what else.

Let your unsubscribe link be “Out of sight out of mind“.
You don’t need to remind them “unsubscribe link is here” with every email,
because they’ll click it just for the hell of it. :)

The Simple tweak is to add “..” at the email of your email then hit return 10x
that way there is a large blank gap at the bottom of your email.
What this does is keeps the unsubscribe link below the fold,
meaning that they have to SCROLL down to see the unsubscribe link.

For Example:

Hey Brad,
This is your message. Brad is kewl!
And stuff whatever your message is.


( add 15 or more blank spaces)
http : //

here’s the screenshot of how well this tweak worked for me
decease unsubsribe rate


5 thoughts on “Simple Tweak to Decrease Unsubscribe Rate

  1. Great tip. I have not had a real problem with unsubscribes, but just those few who click the button just because its there is annoying. This should help. thanks.
    .-= Barry – Niche Marketing´s last blog ..Our Happy New Year Greeting Message To You! =-.

    • Hey Sean thanks for the comment.,

      I know that some marketers actually use this trick hide the unsubscribe link like 2-4 pages Down the email. This annoys me, it shouldn’t take me 10 minutes of scrolling to find the link. There is no reason to keep emailing someone who doesn’t want the emails, they aren’t going to buy anything from you. I just have my unsubscribe link a bit below the email so i reduce the accidentally clicks, but still be easy to unsubscribe.

  2. Thank you for great and valuable tips. So simple and so effective.

    .-= Estani´s last blog ..E-Commerce – How Zeros And Ones Can Make Life Easier =-.

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