Making Money with the Affiliate Program


With hundreds of millions of visitors each year, is the world’s largest retailer. The internet company, which started selling only books, now sells virtually any product that can be sold online.’s dominance can be intimidating for someone wanting to sell online. It’s hard to imagine competing against The truth is, one need not compete against to make money online. Through Amazon’s Affiliate Program, anyone can make money by partnering with Amazon.

Bloggers, for example, can link to Amazon products in articles with a code in the link that tells Amazon where the potential customer came from. When the customer makes an purchase, the blogger who is part of the Affiliate Program is paid a percentage of the entire sale. Product review blogs, for example, can make a lot of money using this method.

Another way to make money through Amazon’s Affiliate Program is through a specialty site focused on a specific Amazon product line. It’s easier for a niche site to build traffic through targeted advertising. The specialty can easily duplicate all the functions of Amazon’s site, directing the customer to Amazon for check out. The specialty site is paid a percentage of the sale through Amazon’s Affiliate Marketing Program while doing none of the work involved in a sale. has built itself into of the world’s largest retailer by allowing small businesses and individuals to participate financially in their success.


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