How to Get JV Partners


Getting JV Partners

In my Last Post “Finding Joint Venture Parnters“, I told you the names of some of the biggest
Joint Venture Partners in the Internet Marketing Niche.

I got this comment from Matt Wolfe

Hey Brad,
Great post! I definitely think joint venture partners are important. Some of the people on your list seem a little bit untouchable. I do hope to meet and collaborate with some of them someday. I saw that you are in the coaching with Alex Jeffreys. I can’t wait to see the path that that leads us down. Good luck to you. I’ll be checking back often!

Now, He’s right on one point. If none of those people don’t know you.

They will probably just delete your email.

If you don’t have the time to “be-friend” them then I have another way for you guys!

JV Partners

I call them Launchees.
They are affiliates that just promote “product launches”
There are hundreds of them looking for new products to promote.

Just sign-up to these sites below and post your product launch.
The affiliates will see your JV partners offer and depending on how good the offer is
you’ll get anywhere from 10-800+ affiliates promoting your product.
*Posting your “Product Launch” on these sites is Free and/or Paid*

The two sites I use are:

Others I’ve found.

Now, I’ve not yet launched my own product. How Do I know this works?

Because I am a Launchee! :)

I’ve promoted a few product launches
and made good money.

I hope this info is helpful to you guys :)
Now get out there and find some JV partners!


7 thoughts on “How to Get JV Partners

  1. Brad,

    Working with JV partners is not as hard as you think… Been there.

    Its much like dating… Trying to go after more than one girl at the same time deters the rest from wanting to get close to you.

    Yep, its all about relationships…

    You see when you a eyeing up a girl, what you’re really doing is trying to figure out if she’s really worth it… sort of like your type or not.

    Then what you start figuring out is how to change yourself (same as in the case of a JV partner) into the kind of person they’d like to get to know better.

    And because relationships are usually built on giving, having a good time and lots of other stuff then and only then if you’re the guy… well do I need to say any more.

    I think my first JV partner relationship began raiding the coffee stand at 3am in the lobby of the Hilton hotel. I think we ate every chocolate chip cookie they had.

    And we told jokes all night long.

    If potential partners have a list and you seem like the roll up your sleeves kind of guy with an attitude at least as good as theirs… then they’ll tell you the kind of product you could make for them to promote.

    Now I’m no rocket scientist. I did have to learn this over time…. but friends first seems to work.

    Go after relationships with as big a player as you can.

    If you can hold the relationship, they’ll open the kimono so to speak.



    P.S. Hope to see you at my blog sometime soon. cheers.

  2. Hey Brad,

    Both you and Rob hit that one on the head!

    I really wish I found your blog a bit sooner, you’ve got some great information on here.

    I haven’t personally been a “Launchee” (I love the term), but have coined around with the idea.

    As I progress through Alex’s mentoring a little more, I’ll be releasing a product and will definitely use the links you’re giving out here.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to hook up and get a JV going yet, but I need to SOON to toss some product ideas around!

    Maybe you’ll be hearing from me now soon… haha.

    Take care man, I’ll be checking your site all the time now!

    Joe Fier

  3. Hi Brad,
    How you doing? I am a new member on Alex’s course. I am looking at the other members blogs, as a way to introduce myself. You are obviously well established and have a great blog. I really did like your take on how to launch your new products ie getting affiliates to do this for you – nice one. I would never have thought of that!! think my mind works differently – ha ha.

    All the best.

    Regards Steve.
    .-= Steve Bailey´s last blog ..A Quick Messsage to Everyone =-.

  4. You are awesome Brad! Thanks for mentioning my name and comment! I did not know that these launch sites existed. I’ve got a product that I’m about to launch so this will come in handy. Plus I’d love to start promoting launches as well. Sounds like a good way to make some quick dough.

    .-= Matt Wolfe´s last blog ..Some Small Triumphs =-.

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