Internet Marketing Gurus

Internet Marketing Gurus


List of 201 Internet Marketing Gurus

The Internet is fulled full with people who would call themselves gurus. How do you really know if they are telling the truth, only a select few marketers and super affiliates can truly hold the status and be raised to the top of the charts among the true greats. To help you steer clear of any self-proclaimed gurus, I’ve gathered up a list of 200 Internet marketing gurus. These are men and women who have been through the flames and come out the other end richer and smarter for it. But I must disclaim here; it doesn’t matter who it is; always that everything anyone says with a grain of salt. If it’s too good to be true; then it is probably isn’t true. To achieve success you have to ALWAYS OFFER VALUE!

These are some of the Internet Marketing Gurus I’ve worked with and/or Purchased products from.

Frank Kern (mass mind control)

Mark Ling (affliorama/jetpack)

internet marketing guruJonathan Leger  (amazon kindle)

Jimmy D Brown

Anik Singal (PPC guy)

Russell Brunson (crazy sales funnels! $1 – 100 – 497 – 999 – 2000 – $20000)

Joe Vitale (Hypnotic Salescopy)

Andy Jenkins (Video Boss!)

Mike Filsaime (Viral marketing/Butterfly Marketing)

Jeff Johnson (amazon affiliate commission)

Jeremy Schoemaker (my favorite blogger)

Brad Callen (SEO GURU)

Dori Friend (SEO Rockstar)

John Carlton (copywriter)

Willie Crawford  (old school/from warrior forum)

Here’s a list I pulled from elsewhere; These are names I’ve heard of; but never dealt with.

Simon Leung
Andrew Fox (very smart email marketer)
Steven Clayton
Matt Carter
Alen Sultanic
Steve Iser
Mike Litman
Chris Lockwood
Shelley Lowery
Jaime Luchuck
Ben Mack
Alex Mandossian
Nick Marks
Alex Jeffrey
Jason Marshall
Perry Marshall
James Martell
Reed Floren
Michel Fortin
Sylvie Fortin
Stephanie Frank
Rick Frishman
Van Day
Terry Dean
Frank E Deardurff III
Costa Dedes
Jim Edwards
Ray Edwards
T. Harv Eker
Michael J Enos
Jose Espana
Jeremy Gislason
Matthew Glanfield
Henry Gold
Marc Goldman
Michael Green
Jermaine Griggs
Todd Gross
Gary Halbert (Copy-writing Legend)
David L Hancock
Mark Victor Hansen
Marc Harty
Jason Henderson
Mark Hendricks
Christina Hills
Michael J Holland
Eric Holmlund
Len Thurmond
Yanik Silver
Dr Mani Sivasubramanian
Segovia Smith
Paul Smithson
Mark Widawer
Howard Tiano
Sterling Valentine
David Vallieres
Wayne Van Dyck
Alex Goad ( cool dude)
Gary Ambrose
Jay Abraham
Jeff Alderson
Nathan Anderson
Tom Antion
Jon Atwood
Matt Bacak
Ladan Lashkari
Brian Keith Voiles
Martin Wales
Anthony Blake
Justin Blake (genuine person)
Chris Bloor
Alexander K Brown
Jeremy Burns
Rick Butts
Michael Cheney
Ewen Chia
Paul Colligan
Shawn Collins
Tom Hua
Tim Knox
Tellman Knudson (listbuilding guru)
Michael Koenigs
Drew Kossoff
Tony Laidig
Dave Lakhani
Kenneth A McArthur
Ken McCarthy
Ryan Deiss
Glenn Dietzel
Declan Dunn
Carl Galletti
Rosalind Gardner
Allan Gardyne
Frank Garon
Matt Garrett
Derek Gehl
Randy Gilbert
Adam Ginsberg
Don Crowther
Jim Daniels
Brian T Edmondson
Stu McLaren
Michael W Merz
John-Paul Micek
Jeff Mills
Jonathan Mizel
Michael Morgan
Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero
Armand Morin
Jeff Mulligan
Paul Myers
Alex Nghiem
Michael Nicholas
Daniel Nickerson
Dr Kevin Nunley
Eben Pagan
Charlie Page
Michael Penland
Christine Carter Schaap
Rich Schefren
Jason James
Bob Jenkins
Terry Johnson
Mark Joyner
Dan Kennedy
Harlan Kilstein
Scott Schilling
Ted Schneck
Thor Schrock
David P Schwartz
Alice Seba
Craig Perrine
Rhea Perry
Lynn Pierce
Stephen Pierce
Shawn Casey
Jeanette S. Cates, PhD
Keith Baxter
Bart Baggett
Tom Beal
Larry Benet
Mike Woo Ming
David Wood
Ken Evoy
Brad Fallon
Harris Fellman
John Reese
Greg Cesar
Teri & Doug Champigny
Jody Colvard
Christine Comaford-Lynch
Holly Cotter
Simon Coulson
Stuart Tan
Dave Taylor
Lynn Terry
Antonio D Thornton
Jeff Walker
Neil Waterhouse
Michael Wong
Michelle Alisande Chan
Randy Charach
William Charlwood
Michael Port
Jason Potash
Robert Puddy
Joseph Ratliff
Rick Raddatz
Frank J Rumbauskas Jr
Paulie Sabol
Marlon Sanders
Harvey Segal
Neil Shearing
Wendy Shepherd
Liz Sherwood
Phil Wiley
Kevin Wilke
Dr Ralph Wilson
Bryan Winters
Socrates Socratous
Mike Stewart
Peter Stone
Dan Lok
Gary Bencivenga
Alex Carroll
Alan Forest Smith
Kirt Christensen

When it comes to the world’s most talented Internet marketers gurus, you can bet that they are all on this list. If you find yourself in a suck, in need of some help with your next big project, or just a little down on yourself, a quick Google search of any one of these marketers will help you get back on track in no time. They all provide great free infromation.

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