Here’s How to Accept Credit Cards With PayPal


PayPal is an e-commerce website that accepts payments and money transfers over the Internet. PayPal makes paying for products and accepting payments very easy. In addition to everything be done online, PayPal is also a good site to use as it can be accessed in a huge number of countries, it is highly reliable, and it is highly secure.

Here's How to Accept Credit Cards With PayPal

When it comes to accepting credit cards with PayPal, there are a few options. All three options, listed below, can be set up in as little as 20 minutes, and all are fast, easy and affordable ways to accept credit cards.

Accept Credit Card Payments with Website Payments Standards

First, it is possible to accept credit cards using PayPal’s Website Payments Standard. No advanced programming skills are required to set this up, meaning you can likely create a payment button yourself and in just 15 minutes. The Website Payments Standard option is compatible with most shopping carts, there are no set-up fees or cancellation fees, and the system has built-in fraud screening capabilities.

Perhaps many businesses like to choose this option to accept credit cards because of how affordable it is. In addition to having no hidden fees, with this program you will pay only a very small percentage of the payment you receive. Also, there are no monthly fees for the Website Payments Standard.

Website Payments Pro is a Sophisticated Option

A more sophisticated option for accepting credit cards would be the Website Payments Pro option. This has higher functionality than the previous option, and as a result it can process credit cards offline as well. Again, this option is supported by most shopping carts, and fraud screening is included at no extra cost to the businesses. Because of the higher sophistication of this option, it costs $35 a month to run.

Choose a Virtual Terminal

Your business does not need to pay for a card swipe machine anymore. A final option for accepting credit cards with PayPal is using an online computer connected into a credit card terminal. This is an option in the Website Payments Pro, or it can be used separately. As long as you have a computer connected to the Internet, you can accept credit card payments over the phone and via fax as well.

Be Safe on PayPal

Whether you are a shopper or a businessperson, it is important to remain vigilant and be safe while using PayPal. Always avoid phishing emails; PayPal will never ask you to email any of your bank information. Even though it is an online payment site, be wary about the information you provide and how you are entering it. If there are problems, PayPal offers a 45-day complaint period. This isn’t a long time, so it is recommended that you keep an eye on your account so you are immediately aware of any activity that is out of the ordinary.

Using PayPal to accept credit card payments is useful and easy as it does away with conventional checks and money orders. You can select from one of the three options listed above, depending on your budget and desires. Benefit from the service, but be cautious with your confidential information at the same time.


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