Halloween Commissions Wrap-up


Halloween has come to an end..

It was a fun and stressful Halloween.

My Goal was to Hit $5000 in affiliate commissions, which I didn’t meet.
–  Actually Gross Earnings $1300
–  $400 for Domains
–  $200 for Outsourcing help

Total Profit: $700

commission junction earnings

As in the screen shot you can see that
I pushed 13,000 Clicks and did 13,000 in revenue = $1,300 in commissions

Why didn’t I hit my goal?

I’d admit that I rushed in doing the keyword research.  Some of my domains don’t have enough traffic to begin with.

No Traffic = No Money

My goal was to get all my sites ranked in the Top10 of Google. I did achieve this goal as most of my sites rank in  Top #6-10 .  With further Research I see now that
I should have focused on Getting the Top 1 & 2 Spots on Google.
My  top three earnings sites were ranked  in the top 3 positions of google.  According to graph below it shows that most of my sites only received around 3% of their traffic potential when ranking from spots #6-10. For next year I am going to just focus on getting my 45 sites to get in the top 3 of Google. With this change of mindset, it will drastically increase my traffic and because of that my earnings :)

Also in another note, I am STILL making sales in November! Very few but it still every little bit helps :)

Ranking Traffic graph


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