Great Mini-site Designers

Great Mini-site Designers


If you’re looking to get graphics done for your mini-site, this are some of the best mini-site designers I’ve found

sos factory sample

these guns are great for mascots, goto the page to check it out ($500)


DGR sample
This guy is great, he’s designed for sites that pulled in over $1 million dollar sales… like 6 Figure Code,DayJobKiller, SEOWILD, and many more etc. You’re looking at around $350 for Ryan.

3 big cash to hire these guys.
Iam not sure if it’s worth it, for $750

4. Cheapest
$77 for a eBook/header/footer. The eBooks graphics are quite good, esp. at the price.

I’ve personal used design guru Ryan, and cheapest covers. Both are great. I’d start off with cheapest covers first then when you’re making money, upgrade to DesignGuruRyan :)

I hope you find this helpful.


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