Five Twitter Marketing Tips


Do you tweet for your business? Do you spread the word about new products and services your company offers? Twitter started as a social media tool and micro-blogging service that quickly became an excellent method of advertising for millions of companies across the world. Nowadays, tweets can be passed through mobile devices, SMS and the website interface. It is considered the SMS of the Internet and it remains widely popular. Twitter is an excellent tool to make solid connections within an instant.

Five Twitter Marketing Tips

If you use Twitter to market your business, these five marketing tips are fantastic ways to get started on a marketing strategy that will use Twitter to your advantage.

Define Your Course of Twitter Action

Before you launch into Twitter and sign up for an account, start writing down your marketing strategy. Just like you would with any marketing tool or new plan of action, you need to brainstorm, decide what you want out of it, and keep to it. Consistency is very important when you are about to start tweeting your company’s services or products. Avoid getting distracted from your plan and ask yourself who are you targeting, what are you promoting, why it’s necessary, when will you tweet, and how it will benefit your business.

Maintain Your Own Voice and Be Genuine

It is very important to keep the same tone of your Twitter personality or brand. If you want people to feel compelled to click on your tweets and follow you, you need to keep a consistent voice. People like reliability and if they know they can always get great advice from you, they will always return.

Reach Out and Give Back to the Community

The best way to build a community around your company brand is to give back. Be social and offer a new tip, advice or resourceful information to your followers. The more people that your company connects with that are relevant to your business platform, the more followers you will have. This will very likely result in commercial interest.

Sprinkle Keywords Throughout Your Tweets

If you use specific keywords that target your brand and that are relevant to your company as a whole, you will create a presence on Twitter. Targeted keywords are an excellent way to create and gain attention as a company. If you have a company that sells ‘Nike winter boots,’ you can use keywords such as ‘best winter boots,’ or ‘Nike boots,’ for example.

Use Links Wisely: Link More than Reply

Resourceful links are very important to keeping the interest of your readers on Twitter. If you offer your followers resourceful and helpful information that is relevant to your product, company or services, you will retain readers. Place helpful links within your tweets that may offer advice or tips. If you have your own company website or a blog platform, you can draw attention to your website by writing blog pieces and then tweeting them.

Now that you have five Twitter marketing tips, you can get started on your marketing campaign. Remember to avoid being that pushy sales person that no one wants to get involved with. Create connections, develop followers, offer resourceful information pertaining to your brand, and tweet to your heart’s content.


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