Finding Joint Venture Parnters


So you’ve got your own product that’s great…isn’t it?

You’ve done PPC… SEO …. banner… got affiliates…You’ve hit the forums… but your sales are dismal if at all.

All the HARD WORK….. WASTED. :(

Well Here are some of the BIG PUSHERS in the Internet Marketing Niche.
I grabbed these names from the recent Product Launch Formula 2.2 relaunch which did over $1million in sales in 3 days, i believe.

1. Jeff Johnson – top dog
2. Strategic Profits
3: Michael Rasmussen
4. Frank Kern – sneaky “don’t buy from my link” Mind Control
5. Yaro Starak – Blogger
6. Mike Filsaime – Marketing Butterfly Script
7. Eric Holmund
8. John Reese
9. Jeff Dedrick
10. Brian Clark – bloggers know how to sell
11: Gary Ambrose
12. Jason James
13. Jeremy Frandsen
14. Tim Godfrey
15. Yanik Silver
16. Jason Van Orden
17. Stompernet
18. Ryan Deiss
19. Jason Potash
20. Early To Rise
21. Tim Kerber
22. Travis Sago

Now the trick is to get them to promote your product!
Offer a good commission, Buy some of their products, promote their stuff. Meet Them at IM Meetups..

You don’t need many Joint Venture partner to make it a hit!
If you get 10+ jv partners then you’re set and will probably make more then most people

Before your ready for a prelaunch you need to have a QUALITY,
REAL Value Product. If your joint venture partners have a slight impression it’s crap, they aren’t going to promote it to their lists.

Oh… and another thing you need to have Have a backend products, upsells, downsells etc, and YOU must collect email addresses.

If you found this helpful then read this: How to Get JV Partners


5 thoughts on “Finding Joint Venture Parnters

  1. Hey Brad,
    Great post! I definitely think joint venture partners are important. Some of the people on your list seem a little bit untouchable. I do hope to meet and collaborate with some of them someday. I saw that you are in the coaching with Alex Jeffreys. I can’t wait to see the path that that leads us down. Good luck to you. I’ll be checking back often!

    • you’d be suprised. ~ people like free stuff, buy them drinks at events, send gifts to their homes.
      The key is to become friends with them first!, then business comes later.

  2. Hey Brad,

    Great post. I realized what you wrote the hard way. I thought if I just created great info products I would be set. But that’s only half the battle. Can do it on our own so JV partners are essential.

    Thanks for sharing.



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