A Dollar a Day with Adsense


Today officially I am making a dollar a day with Google Adsense.

zombiebannerI have started this with two websites 3 months ago. The two sites I built were an arcade and a proxy. When I first started I was only making $0.01 a day, now it’s now almost reaches $2 a day for both websites. Linking to build traffic is the key to the success of websites. It naturally happened with my zombie website. I found out that people in video game forums, like resident evil forums, found my site and started to link to it. GREAT STUFF!

This is my method:
1. Fill a need
3. Make sure you have interest in it
4. Keep building it……..IT TAKES TIME!

I always had a hard time finding zombie games when i was in class during college. I got so frustrated so I am like, I’ll just build it my self. And that’s exactly what i did. I build it being SEO, and had naturally linking which boosted me to the top of other “zombie sites” with higher PR rank and much older sites.

This is what one member says:

Hello. I’ve been looking everywhere for a good zombie game site and I found this. Shaun of The Dead is my favorite zombie flick, as you can see. My favorite zombie games are The Last Stand and any of the Box-head games. Braaaiiiiiiiinnnsss…

I only had ZOMBIE games, I refused to games that weren’t related to zombies (others laughed at me for that). And guest what? i have more passionate members then just a generic arcade site, i proved them wrong :)

Make Sure your Interesting in It!
Why I’ve had many sites… i would build the site, which… then lose interest in about a week would lost interest. It takes months before you’ll see REAL RESULTS. ( well some see it instantly, I am working towards that point)

You my be thinking, a dollar a day WTF that’s not even enough to buy myself a coffee. Well I have finally took action committed to my website which is a big step for me. I have so many ideas, I’ve finally starting to manifest them into reality. This proves to me that this system works. Wheres the real money?

If i make a 100 websites = 100$ a day! …. not so small now is it? :D

1. I am listed #6 on Google for the term “zombie games”
2. getting over 1000 hits a day for one site,


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