Adwords and Clickbank Profits! *proof*


Hey readers,

I have been trying all types of promotion and advertising over the years.
One method I couldn’t seem to grasp was using adwords to get clicbank sales.
I would always spend 100$ to earn $20. I think i just needed more practice. One of my buddies has just make 3 sales on product using this method only spending 5$. His meathod was to find something that would convert. Next he build a mini-site to presell the product and direct the adwords to that mini-site increaseing his conversation rate. Pretty sweet eh!

Summary: 3 sales for over $60 revenue with less then $5 adwords traffic.
And he started with a free $50 Adwords coupon. You should except to see some great things coming from Mr. E soon! Run your car on water


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