10 Ways To Improve Your Facebook Page Visibility


A few years ago, it was a given that the majority of your followers would see almost everything you posted on Facebook. But now, with more and more Facebook users joining every day and with the new changes to EdgeRank (the algorithm that Facebook uses to decide which posts are seen by which users), it’s becoming harder than ever to make your Facebook page visible. Here are ten quick strategies to think about when you’re posting that will get your page more hits.

10 Ways To Improve Your Facebook Page Visibility

Make it Short

The simple fact is that most people, especially when they’re on Facebook, have short attention spans. Studies have shown that posts that contain less than 250 characters get 60% more likes than longer posts.

Make it Timely

This means not just posting about things that are relevant, but also being intentional about what time of day you post. Working people are more likely to be on Facebook in the evening, while school-aged youth might spend more time on Facebook in the afternoon.

Make it Funny

What do you want when you’re on Facebook? If you’re like most people, you’re not looking for something too serious. It’s almost guaranteed that any post that goes “viral” is going to be humorous and light-hearted in nature.

Make it Inspirational

People also love to find inspiration when they’re on Facebook. We want our news feeds to be full of happy posts, not downers. Find an inspirational quote that’s related to your business or organization and use it.

Make it Look Good

If you really want your page to be seen, make sure it’s filled with pictures. Statistically, photos get more likes than any other type of post. Remember that the main reason people use Facebook always has been (and probably always will be) to look at pictures of themselves and their friends. Don’t forget to tag people, or better yet, get people to tag themselves.

Make it Descriptive

Another reason people use Facebook is for information. Posts that start with words like “why” and “how” rank high in the most shared category.

Make it Exciting

Similarly, posts with words like “best” and “most” have high share ratings as well. Don’t get too cheesy, but if you like something, sell it!

Make it Interactive

One of the best ways to boost visibility is by using interactive posts. The more people interact with your page, the more your posts will appear in their news feed. Ask a question, take a poll, or have people fill in the blank. Just make sure you have a few engaged followers to start with; you don’t want to be left hanging with no replies.

Make it a Competition

Competitions and giveaways are a great marketing tool, and Facebook is a great platform for them. Ask people to “like” your page and enter them in a contest to win some free gear. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Don’t Overload Your Followers

Some marketers seem to think that the best way to make your Facebook page more visible is to update it at least ten times a day. This is the wrong approach. You are more likely to lose followers than to gain followers this way. Also, having too many posts means that many of your posts will just sit there with no likes and no shares. This looks bad to EdgeRank, and you will quickly be driven down the rankings on people’s news feeds.

Some of these ideas might net you tons of likes and shares right away, while others might completely fail. That’s okay! The key to success is to keep track of what works and what doesn’t, and to use that knowledge to your advantage so you don’t make the same mistakes over and over.


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