Who is Mark Ling?

Who is Mark Ling?


Mark Ling is a professional affiliate marketer and product creator.This is Mark Ling

Mark has been able to earn millions of dollars from his affiliate websites, his products, and commitment to his work. From his proven successes, it has won multiple business awards, including the Deloitte Fast 50. He is very intelligent, innovative and very friendly. In his training videos, he easy to understand and can communicate his points clearly. He also makes a living from doing what he teaches when most so-called “gurus” teach stuff they don’t do themselves. These are some characters traits that have made him unique from other internet gurus. From his experience with internet marketing, Mark knows his stuff!

When and how did he get started?

Mark Ling started out as a College kid delivering Pizza! Way back in 1999, Mark and his friend Charlie introduced built websites at GeoCities (free hosting site) and placed a banner ad on this website promoting posters. Every time someone would buy a poster through Mark’s banner he would make a commission. This simple site was earning Mark $50.00 a week. Both Mark and his friend Charlie were selling posters, but each had a different specification, as Mark specialized in worldwide celebrities while Charlie focused on sports.

To expand on Mark’s and Charlie’s success they worked on their websites between college classes. Mark Ling decided to expand his business by creating more of these websites. While working on this, he figured out how to rank top 10 in google. Once he did he flooded his affiliate sites with traffic. Due to the impressive growth, he decided to quit his job to continue to expand his fast growing business. However, this was just the beginning for Mark. Mark and Charlie continued to work together and build more websites and projects over the years.

Why do you need to listen to Mark Ling?

There are a few good reasons why you should listen to Mark. He’s started at the bottom and became a success. He methods still work. He isn’t like the other gurus, he walks the talk and does affiliate marketing and product creation. As the saying goes 95% of business fail within the first year, Mark products are not fly by night, there have been here for years. He’s got some solid advice to share!

Mark Ling has a great expertise in the online marketing industry. Over the years, he has been in multiple different niches like the video game, saving relationships and even the dog training. By exploring these niches, he’s found out what works and what does not work. Being successful you need to fast and cope with the trending changes in the online marketing industry and the search engines. He is a great affiliate marketer that should model after.

Marks Websites and Products

  • Affilorama
  • Traffic Travis
  • Affilojetpack
  • Affiloblueprint
  • Salehoo


affilorama previewAffiloramma is an extensive collection of free affiliate training done, thought articles videos and quizzes. Mark’s training isn’t the same re-hashed training you find all over the web. It’s all been battle-tested and works.

There are over one hundred plus free lessons in Affilorama. The training covers everything related internet marketing. You start with market research then how to build your first website. Once all your plugins are correctly setup you move on to content creation. Then you move onto search engine optimization and pay per click advertising. And finally getting it all outsourced and other random tidbits like having the correct mindset. [Affilorama Review]

The Affilorama is a collection of tools, videos, support, and lessons teaches you affiliate marketing. When your are first getting started online affiliate marketing is the easiest way to get started and make money online. Affiliate marketing isn’t going away. There will always be other people‚Äôs products to promote online. Mark’s training will also show you where to find these products to promote, like Clickbank and CJ.com.

Traffic Travis

traffic travisThis tool created by Mark was designed to help you rank your websites in the search engines. This tool will do a complete health check for any website. This tool can downloaded for free, but there is a pro version available for purchase.

Traffic Travis Features:

Uncover all the technical problems that may hold back your rankings

It does this by identifying some any mistakes in your code that may affect your rankings. For example when an image is missing an alt tag or incorrectly loaded sitemap? It will also tell you when you have too many H1 tags. Besides that, it will also guide you when it comes to improving your page. For example, it recommends that your page needs to contain no less than 400 words, and the H1 should be different to the page title. etc.

Traffic Stats: Pulls Data from various sources like Alexa etc.

Rank Tracker: It shows you where you rank for your keyword without having to pay a monthly fee like most other services providers.

Competitive Analysis: Helps you spot new keywords you can to target by keeping tabs on your competitors. This tool will provide you with both anchors and backlink URLs of your competitors so you can always stay on top.


AffiloBlueprintMark’s Affilioblueprint is another excellent course by Mark Ling that created with an aim of helping beginner affiliate marketing create authority websites. It a requires an investment to begin making it suitable for all classes of people.

Pros of using affiloblueprint

  • One year Free Webhosting ($100)
  • Premium affiliate theme ($100)
  • Mark’s Affilorama Premium (1-month)

Be your own boss!

Working with this tool does not require you to work under any supervision. Be your own boss by controlling everything you do and even choosing when to work. You can work both night and day as there is enough flexibility.

Allows you to spend private time with family and friends

Since you can always work on whenever you want, you can, therefore, work from home, giving you the opportunity to spend quality time with your beloved family members and more time with friends. My favorite positive of working from home is no commute to work and dealing rush hour traffic.

My Recommendation for Affilioblueprint

I wouldn’t recommend getting this course, instead I would opt for Mark’s other program Affiliate Jetpack. The Affiliorama free version covers most training you need, and Jetpack fills in the gaps. See below for my affiliate jetpack overview below.


affilo JetpackThis program I highly recommended for anyone getting started online. This Affiliojetpack course is what I used in the past to build five new websites from scratch. The Jetpack program gives the all the research, keywords, content idea, from niches that are proven to make money by promoting affiliate programs. You pick for 18 profitable niches. And get a website with graphics and a newsletter with one year worth of email follow-ups setup within minutes. All the hard technical work is done for you, and this eliminates 80% of the roadblocks of where people fail online. All there is left to do is create fresh new articles and promotion. Click Here to see my AffiloJetpack Review and Bonus. More to add on shortly.
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