Psychology and Online Selling: The Top Reasons People Buy Online


Psychology and online selling go hand in hand: You have to know how people think before you can become successful at selling to them on the Internet. There are various reasons that people purchase products and services online. Maybe they don’t like the crowds in shopping malls or brick-and-mortar stores. Maybe they just like doing everything from the comfort of their homes and from behind their PCs. Whatever their reasons are, it is vital to harness those reasons to draw people to your retail website. Here are the top reasons that people buy online.

It’s All About Comparison Shopping

Comparison shopping is one of the most popular reasons that people enjoy buying on the Internet. It makes sense when you think about it: The Internet gives people the power to browse retail website after retail website, letting them compare prices in a very short period of time. This highly convenient method surely beats having to go from physical store to physical store, which can take hours and hours to do! What people do is simply find reviews of the products they’re interested in. Then, they compare prices, customer service and the quality, all while never leaving their homes.

It’s All About a Really Wide Selection

The thing about online shopping is that the retailers don’t have to bother looking for a lot of space to keep their products. This is in marked contrast to regular brick-and-mortar stores, which are always hard-pressed to find space for all the products they’re selling. This means that shoppers have a huge selection of products at any given online store when they shop on the Internet. A great example of this selection attractiveness is The company began–more than 10 years ago–as a retailer of only books, but it quickly branched out to sell virtually everything under the sun.

It’s Also All About Better Prices

Who doesn’t want to save money and get great deals when shopping, particularly when the economy’s bad? The Internet is all about bargain hunting as every Internet retailer tries to outdo its competitors in the effort to attract more customers. Some shoppers are really ambitious in that they first go into physical retail stores to determine specifically what they’re looking for. Then, they head online in order to see if they can find better deals and prices for their desired items. Some categories are more appropriate for this activity, such as clothes, because shoppers want to first try on and feel these items before purchasing.

It’s clear that the psychology of online selling is quite easy to master, once you understand what your customers really want. These are the top reasons that folks buy online, and they’re not changing anytime soon. The Internet is only expanding and growing day by day, so more and more Internet retailers are popping up to try to get customers’ hard-earned dollars. Shopping online beats shopping in physical stores any day of the week, whether you go by price, convenience, selection or just about any other factor.


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