How Much Does Customer Service Matter In Online Marketing?


What happens when people are angry or frustrated these days? Often, they turn to social media to vent their frustration. This can be dangerous for businesses that are trying to gain new customers via online marketing. What if someone has a negative customer service experience and tells their friend about it? What if that same person is an influential social media user, and chooses to broadcasts his or her negative feelings about your business all over the internet? What if, instead of falling into that trap, you were able to harness the power of social media, and use it to enhance your business’s online reputation?

How Does Customer Service Impact Online Marketing?

We live in a social media age, which means that the majority of what consumers read online about your business probably doesn’t come from your website. Instead, they are hearing about your business from their friends, co-workers, and acquaintances on social media, and forming opinions based on what they hear. And consumers, typically, trust their friends more than they trust you. Your business may be doing a great job of marketing itself online, but that won’t matter if you’re not paying attention to your customer service.

How Poor Customer Service Can Hurt Your Online Reputation

Imagine if you read on a company’s website that they aim to respond quickly to all of their customers needs, but then you read a review online from your friend who says that they received slow customer service from that same company. In this case, not only is that company’s reputation hurt by your friend’s review, but their marketing strategy also makes them appear less trustworthy since their customers’ reviews contradict what they say.

Online Marketing and Customer Service are Two Sides of the Same Coin

Instead of seeing online marketing and customer service as totally separate department, imagine what it would be like if these two departments functioned as extensions of each other. That way, the information that people find online from their friends and acquaintances would match what they see in your online marketing campaigns.

How to Make the Two Work Together

There are ways that customer service and online marketing can overlap. For example, what if you kept track of conversations about your business on Twitter, and participated in those conversations? That way, you would be able not only to provide quick answers to customer queries (thereby improving their customer service experience); you would also be promoting your business to other social media users (thereby using social media as an online marketing tool). Are there other ways that customer service and online marketing overlap for your business? A great way to find out is to get both teams together and have them discuss what areas they might be able to collaborate on.

A coordinated effort is the key. A great online marketing strategy is not a good reason to neglect your customer service. In fact, it can make your business look worse in the end. But if your customer service and online marketing teams work together, they can achieve great things.


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