What’s New: Building A Community


I’ve been really busy the past month or so.
I’ve Been slacking on blog posting, sorry :P

What I’ve been up to…
Hired a programmer to help create a forum + arcade hybrid.
( still have weeks of customizing to do)
I am hoping this will in time, double/triple my current traffic,
thus increasing my revenues. You can check it out Zombie Games

I’ve revamped an old website from 2005. The old website had some traffic
and was not making any money. So I redesigned it and slapped up some adsense ads
and volia it’s making money. Iam very impressed with the results. Actually,
it’s some of my highest earning clicks even though The site only makes $1 – every other day.

But the cool thing about it is that EVERY CLICK i get is $1.00+, with one click being $2.45.
On my other adsense websites my average click revenue is only $0.15

On other news i’ve been “media buying” with terrible results.
One website i spend $100 in 1 minute and I made 6$ ouch!
It’s amazing the amount of traffic that’s out there and how
fast you can get it.

Until next time…

Have a good one!


6 thoughts on “What’s New: Building A Community”

  1. Hi Brad-

    Very interesting stuff! What’s your secret to making money from your ads? My ads haven’t made a dime yet:-/

    By the way, what is the name of the subscribe plugin that appears above? I love it!

  2. hey Brad
    with all the effort and things you are trying it’s only a matter of time before it explodes
    I’m relatively new to this game so i was most interested in your comment “It’s amazing the amount of traffic that’s out there and how fast you can get it.” You said the media buying was terrible so of all your methods which have/has proved to be the better/best

  3. @Allan

    Just because I couldn’t get it to work doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.
    I know of someone personally who used media buying to make $400k in a span a three months. It takes alot of time TESTING.. which i don’t have the funds/time to do at this moment of time.

    But For me Personally – Google Adwords; trafficvance, and Facebook ads all have worked decently.

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