Beware of Hackers


Hey all.

I got this email today from a friend. I’ve been hit by hackers before and it is not fun.

A few things they can do.

– Just deface your page
– Replace Adsense/Affiliate code
– Add spyware/malware
– spam email from your domain

They are even getting more clever, by using cloaking the site will look normal to you and the search engines, but to real visitors it will show different page with will contain virus/malware/spam offer/etc.

Just a reminder,


Hi ya brad,

Looks like it’s all fixed for now, we’re just waiting to see if the
hackers reattempt anything again…

In the meantime, the site is now all good, but we found out
something really interesting that you should know about.

It turns out that the people behind the attacks are probably from
the RBusiness Network, supposedly a group of highly efficient,
highly organized hackers working out of Russia with their servers
in Panama…

Now, that’s not really that interesting, because hackers are going
to be everywhere regardless of what any of us do, but what I DID
find interesting, was that Google can and will delist and deindex
your site if you have “Badware” on it (which is what these hackers
put on your site).

The really bad thing, is that (and this is only a guess) once
you’ve visited the page once (and been hit) their servers block
your ip address, so you won’t ever see a virus message again on
that site, so as a site owner, you’ll never know that they have
attempted it a second time unless someone tells you…

You can read more from this guy here:



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