25 Things you Don’t know about me.


Shirley Cheung tagged me to write 25things about me… so here it is.

1. My Favorite movie Night of the Living Dead.

2. My Favorite Female Celebrity is Jessica Alba.

3. I love Martial Arts, I’ve trained in Taekwondo, Karate, and some boxing.

4. I have an absurd need to put ketchup on everything.

5. I loooove spicy foods like hot wings I can never get enough.

6. I first went to college for Visual Arts (painting/drawing) first,
then got my degree in Marketing Business Administration.

7. Iam a hardcore gamer, Longest recorded session lasting 14 hours.
Love First Person Shooter, FPS, and Real-Time-Strategy, RTS, type games
like Counterstrike, Call of Duty 3-5, Red Alert 3, Starcaft, Warcraft 2. I R L33t. :P

8. Iam a bit of a pyro-maniac, I love campfires and fireworks –
fascinating just watching the flame dance in the night sky. Muahaha

9. Favorite non zombie films/television series are Aliens, Lord Of The Rings,
Star Wars, Star Trek Series, Sliders, Star-gate SG1 & Atlantis,

10. I LOVE Fuzzy Peaches Candy and Bold BBQ Doritos chips.

11. Favorite colour is Red.

12. My First Car is the Toyota Celica 2002. I’ve never had a problem with it.

13. I failed English Class multiple times…… I can speak it just fine….. lol

14. Music that I Love – Heavy Metal Techo – Metallica, Pantera,
Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Linkin Park.

15. My Favorite Pie is Apple Pie, But NOT in the “America Pie” type of way.

16. My First Game I’ve Played was Sonic on the Original Sega

17. I had a family Cat Named Speedy(RIP) Aka Gangster Cat.

18. My Home Sport is Ice Hockey ~ I played hockey for 10+ years.
The early 5am Sundays wasn’t for me. lol

19. My Hockey Team of choice is of course Toronto Maple Leafs.
And My Favorite Player was Patrick Roy, The Wall, from the Montreal Canadians.

20. Iam a Pisces

21. I hate Coffee!

22. Smokers Who don’t care where they blow their smoke, really ENRAGES ME! lol

23. My Sense of Humor is raunchy and gross, with the uncanny ability to ruining jokes.

24. Iam a middle child, with an older brother and younger sister.

25. I found writing this blog post very challenging to complete.
It’s taken me 3 days to write this damn thing. I never thought it would be hard
to talk about myself lol.


13 thoughts on “25 Things you Don’t know about me.

  1. Hi Brad,

    Great list! I think # 4 is actually a guy thing in general. LOL Don’t all guys put ketchup on everything? My dad does and my boyfriend does too …. #7) My boyfriend can completely relate to that one. He can sit and game for hours… and hours. #21) I LOVE coffee. My sister got me drinking coffee when I was 12. There was a cute guy that worked at the espresso shop that she liked to stop at when I was little.

    It’s fun to get to know everyone a little bit!

    Take Care, Heidi
    .-= Heidi Passey´s last blog ..K.O.T.O.B.O.T – huh? =-.

  2. Hi Brad,

    Just 14 hours…rookie :)

    @Heidi hmmm, I’m male and very seldom use ketchup.

    I grew up cheering for the Toronto Maple Leafs and continued until Edmonton got their own team.

    Super list!

    .-= Rod Macbeth´s last blog ..25 Things You Don’t Know About Me…And May Not Want To =-.

  3. That some cool stuff. I love learning more about people. I relate to about half of those. I am a total pyromaniac. I love to blow stuff up. But I’m also a middle child who loves gaming and spicy foods.

    Cool post. I’ve been tagged and I’m going to do one similar real soon now.

    .-= Matt Wolfe´s last blog ..How To Schedule Posts For Later =-.

  4. Brad,

    Got to agree Jessica Alba is a hottie.

    Speaking of hot… I’m always reaching for the pepper. Not so sure of your choice on hockey teams.

    But as a final point… I’m a lover of coffee.

    Guess we’re a bit different.

    Great list,

    .-= Rob Canyon´s last blog ..How I Made $3758 In 21 Days Online… With My ‘Double Click Blueprint’ Strategy. =-.

  5. Hey Brad,

    Interesting list. We don’t have too much in common, other than Karate and Toyota’s. I don’t know of anyone (who has or has had a Toyota) that’s ever had any trouble.

    I agree with your #15 but it’s got to be smothered in Blackberry’s and double cream.

    And looking at #8 – you should be teaming up with my youngest son.

    Good job Brad – well done!

    .-= Andrew Vaughan´s last blog ..How I Decided on My First Ebook. =-.

  6. @Heidi Passey – I have ketchup on Mash Potatos with Gravy. Do that do that too?

    @Rob MacBeth- LOL those 14 hours involved 2 cases of coke, tons of candy and multipe computers on a lan. it was a great nite. How long have you’ve gone for?

    @Matt Wolfe – Have you seen district 9? All i can say is Boom. crazy effects

    @Rob Canyon – I was a fan of Jessica since Dark Angel tv series.
    My Choice of Hockey Teams?? C’mon Iam from Toronto – gotta cheer on the home team.

    @Andrew Vaughan – Everyone I know has who doesn’t have a toyota has car troubles, it’s crazy.

    @marcus passey – Marcus… Marcus… i just don’t know what to say you…. *shakes head*… lol

  7. Hey Brad
    Good job on the 25 things. Boy we don’t have a lot in common but I bet we could be friends anyway.

    Couple things, you have a cat, I have a cat (Jacson) neuratic cat.
    I hate the smoking thing also even though I used to smoke.
    You appear to like cars, they are one of my favorite things. Old cars mostly, hot rods, custom cars, muscle cars, like that.

    Of course we also have the desire to be a successfuf internet marketer. Hope that is going well for you.

    .-= Norm´s last blog ..Time To Revisit Six Degrees =-.

  8. Hi Brad,

    Your time spent on this post was worth it. I enjoyed reading it and learning more about you.

    I’ll comment on points that spoke to me the most:

    #1 Degree in marketing may come in handy in IM, I only managed a couple of courses on marketing and almost envy you.

    #10 I like peaches and peach flavor a lot.

    #15 Apple pie or even better “apple strudel” is good. I like blueberry pie even more though.

    #18 I used to play hockey on occasion. It is also fun to watch.

    #21 I agree with you as far as drinking it but coffee smell or flavoring is OK with me.

    #22 Agree with you totally.

    .-= Vance Sova´s last blog ..Learn List Building With Vance Sova, Alex Jeffreys =-.

  9. Hey Brad

    Love your post

    #1. Night of the Living Dead. Dude brilliant film not my favourite, but one of my favourites.

    #3. I used to do some jeet kun do, and Muyai Thai boxing.

    #4. Ketchup on everything!! How canny me too I love it and its gottae be heinz. People don’t understand us, I even take it if I order a chinese or Indian meal, lol.

    #14. Music Metallica cool me too, Red Hot Chilli Peppers for me only their older stuff their new stuffs too commercial. When your mother sings along to them you know they ain’t what they used to be.

    #21. Are we related, lol I hate it too

    Keep up the good work


  10. It looked good at first: your favourite movie, favourite female celeb, music and then :You hate coffee?! I fear we can never be friends….(kidding). Interesting blog will come back and read more posts when it’s not 1.30 am.

    .-= Casper´s last blog ..Twitter Marketing Secrets =-.

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