Increase Web Site Traffic And Your Search Engine Rankings

In this article You’ll Learn How you can Increase web site traffic at your site. This article will assume you understand Search Engine optimization terms (SEO). Over the last few years, search engine optimization (SEO) has been needed and used more and more, although it has been around for much longer than most people think.

We’ll be discussing SEO techniques and other Free/Paid methods to generate Traffic.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques

1. On Page Optimization:

Though these days, on page optimization will not help you much, But still it is important for any website to rank high.

Meta tags, keywords, descriptions, and titles. They’re all important elements, even if they’re not what will make or break your site – they’re just one part of your strategy. These elements need to be compelling and sprinkled with your keywords, as this will entice users to click through from the search results page to your website. It’s best to start off slowly, gradually adding things in as you learn.

The basics are Optimizing Title, Meta tags, H1 tags and optimizing Paragraphs with 3-5% of keyword density. You should also include outgoing links with proper keyword anchors.

Another thing most people forget is updating site content regularly. Search Engine loves Fresh and related content. You should be updating your site at least 2 times a week.

2. Off Page optimization:

There are many ways you can optimize your site with off page optimization methods. We’ll be discussing Press Release and Linking techniques

2a. Press Release:

Press release is one of the effective way to get noticed by media, plus an effective way to get noticed by Search Engines fast. You need to write an effective press release and distribute using any of the Press release Services like or

Write a press release that can be termed as a news for press reporters. Ask Yourself before submitting your Release. Is your news “newsworthy?” The purpose of a press release is to inform the world of your news item. Do not use your press release to try and make a sale. If your press release reads like an advertisement, rewrite it.

Best way to issue an effective press release is to Time it according to current affairs. Pick an angle to make your release more attractive.

Simple tips for an Effective press release.

Strong Headline : If your headline doesn’t entice news reporters then your efforts are going to waste. Your headline and first paragraph should tell the story.

Write for Media : Write in third person. Avoid Jargon, cliches and hype. If a reporter wants to add your release to the site or newspaper, he should be able to do it without minimal editing. Avoid cliches such as “customers save money” or “great customer service.”

Another tip which I’d like to share with you is paying press release services to distribute your release to sites like Google news, Yahoo news. You can do it with minimum of 50$ expenditure. Another resource which I prefer to distribute my releases with is

With this you’ll be able to write an effective release and bring loads of free traffic to your site.

2b. Linking Techniques:

One Way Links:

Submitting Press releases is first step towards building long term plan for One way links. For one Way links I prefer to Buy a link on PR 6 website for one year or so. If you can find a site in your own niche, then you can bring traffic as well as get noticed by Search engines too.

Links Exchange:

Though You must have heard recently about Google ignoring sites who are exchanging links. This is far from truth. Remember, A link is a Link. If you are building links from related niche sites, Your position will increase. Every Link count, doesn’t matter if you have some unrelated sites linking to you.

2c. Submitting Articles:

Submitting articles is just like a press release. If your article is not strong there is chance that it won’t help you as you expect. Write down an article which people want to read, another “10 tips for weight loss” won’t do you any good. Make sure you have at least 500 words article and submit it to sites like and .

Let us Summarize everything again in step by step of What procedures You should Do.

1. Build a Site with properly Optimized keywords and content.
2. Find One way Link Exchange as partners.
3. Issue a Press release to bring attention to your Site.
4. Submit articles to articles directories.
5. Work on Link exchange with related niche sites.
6. Update Your Site every week with new content.

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