Improving Search Engine Rankings – Patience Is The Key

I have written before about the benefit of articles and how they provide one way links back to your website and therefore improve the importance of your website and thus its ranking in the search engine results. The articles you write have the chance of spreading slowly around the web and ending up within ezines or on other websites or blogs. All of which provide links back to your website. So once you have over thirty articles out there the links can grow exponentially. Just consider what can happen if you have one hundred articles published? Two hundred articles?

The magic figure is said by some experts in this field to be 250 articles, it is then that this exponential growth in links and traffic to your site can be truly seen. I do not have personal experience of this yet as my own figure sits at 35 and this number is already having remarkable results as reported in a previous article. If you average 10 articles a month which is what my own aim is, then after 2 years you will have reached this magic figure of 250.

At the same time your website will have aged a further two years which will also benefit it and it will be viewed as one of the more important web sites.

Patience is the key element in promoting your website. If you want your site to climb up through the rankings then you must have patience. Do not be swayed into parting with money on the promise of instant high rankings. They can be achieved but will not be permanent and on Google in particular this is becoming increasingly more difficult to achieve as the algorithm becomes more complex.

Why do you have to be patient? Google in particular requires a little patience. Google likes to see one way links pointing back to your site but will only count and use links after they have matured for some time. So your articles may not appear as links for about 2 months and then as they mature further they will assume more and more importance in the eyes of Google. Consequently you may have 100 recorded backlinks but another site with only 50 backlinks is still ranked higher. This is presumably due to your links being still young and not ‘fully matured’. Once they do so you will leap ahead.

With Yahoo the situation is similar but the time delay is less. You should start to see these links appearing after possibly 2 – 3 weeks.

MSN is the fastest of the search engines to pick up and recognise these links which may very well happen within days.

Consequently you should see very nearly immediate effects in your ranking on MSN and then a few weeks later with Yahoo finally followed after 2 – 3 months your rapid rise through Google.

Have patience and keep the articles flowing as you will ultimately see the rewards for this endeavour and the most important thing is that your rise in the rankings will not be short lived.

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