How to make money with Arcades


It’s quite simple:
– Get
– upload some games
– promote your arcade
– add adsense

There are tons of arcades out there making more than $100’s a day with little effort.
The key with arcades are to build NICHE arcades.

Do not do an general all games arcade at first, as there is too much competition.
The key is building a “girls-games only”, “only rpgs”, “sports only arcade…. etc.
Try to find niche with little competition..
For Example for my first Arcade I did was “zombies”
and was making $600/mo. with that arcade.
But now, That I’ve spilled the beans.. Everyone and is copying and stealing my ideas.

Once you start getting over 10,000 vists a day,
you’ll be able to get better paying advertisers than google,
fastclick, scastle media… etc. Which will make you more money from your arcade.

Testing your placement of your ads are very important!
I was able to double my revenue simple by moving my ads to the right side of the website!
I went from 8$ to $18-20 with adsense for one site, not bad!

For starter arcades I’ll reccommend you use:
To monetize your arcade.

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