Do I Really Have To Do Search Engine Submission?

The real question is “do I really have to make money? And the answer is that yes, it is a fact that in this life you have to make money to survive (unless you want to do subsistence farming somewhere in the southern climes where you can grow food all year long). The fact is that if you are an internet marketer, and I am assuming that you are if you are reading about such an exciting subject like search engine submission, the only way that you get people to your site is by ranking well on the search engines. In order for those engines to rank you high you have to promote yourself and you have to do it in the right way that fits into their algorithm. Sounds easy right? Well part of it is and part of it is not at all.

The part that is easy is all the clicking and filling out of forms in the proper format and so on and so on. I say “easy” as in not requiring a lot of neuro synapses to do, not as in requiring little time and effort. You see this can be an incredibly tedious, mind numbing, and rate limiting process if you choose to do this all manually that is personally accomplish each keystroke and click of the mouse on each article for each search engine that you are submitting to. Well the smart guys as they were literally petrifying there brains with manual search engine submission were thinking, “there must be a better way.” Like everything else with computers automation is that better way and it turns out that this automation isn’t that hard to accomplish.

You see, now there are dozens of software packages that do just that. They will little input, other than file names and reorganization of the data you already have allow you to automatically accomplish the task of search engine submission, and not for just one search engine but for several at once–extremely powerful stuff. Sounds easy right? Your next question should be well why isn’t everyone making billions of dollars on the internet if all they have to do is buy a tool that costs a hundred bucks?

My answer is well there is another part of search engine submission that I already alluded to in the first paragraph of this article–that is the not so easy part. This is where the art of internet marketing comes in to play and where experience in this business makes all the difference in the world. You see the engines have algorithms that are maximally protected that decide what kind of information will rank high, how it should look, and how is should be organized. This changes too which makes it even more complicated. I really don’t even no much about this part but there are lots of guys who do and who charge (a very worthwhile price) for access to it. So get to it man!

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