WordPress 4.2 – Powell update

WordPress 4.2 – Powell update


WordPress 4.2WordPress Update: WordPress 4.2

(April 23, 2015)

WordPress has just released WP v. 4.2,
named “Powell” in honor of legendary jazz musician Bud Powell.

Learn about the new WordPress 4.2 updates, security fixes and features improvements and what to do before updating

your WordPress installation in this post.

WP version 4.2

WP 4.2 Powell is all about improving communication and

making the sharing of content easier.

Here are just a few of the changes you will see in the new WP version:


And Improved Press This App
Coinciding with the release of version 4.2 is the new and improved “Press This” tool

(Tools > Available Tools) …

WP 4.2

Press This is a simple little application that

lets you share your favorite content (e.g. text, videos and images) online and publish new posts quite easily.

You can save the app to your mobile desktop or your browser bookmarks bar.

WP version 4.2

When visiting a web site, click on Press This to repost

the content to your blog. You can share the latest news stories making headlines online, YouTube videos, tweets, pictures from Instagram, and more …

WordPress 4.2

Once you have grabbed your content, edit or add more to it directly with Press

This before you save or publish it on your site.

Extended Character Support

WP 4.2

As WordPress continues to be used worldwide, WP v. 4.2 now provides extensive native support for logographic characters used in languages such as Chinese,

Korean and Japanese, as well as musical and mathematical symbols, hieroglyphs and emojis …

WP 4.2

Simply use your native device

keyboard to type your posts and WordPress will do the rest …

WordPress 4.2

Additional WordPress 4.2 Release Notes

Here are

some other changes you will see when you next log into your WordPress admin area after updating to WP v. 4.2:

Theme Customizer

You can preview and customize installed themes from the WordPress Theme Customizer …

WP 4.2

This helps you ensure that the theme looks great and works with the content before using it on your site …

WordPress v. 4.2

Support For More Embeds

WordPress already lets you embed YouTube videos and content from Twitter simply by pasting in links.

With v. 4.2 WordPress continues to add more embed support for external content with your site or blog …

WordPress 4.2

You can now paste links from Tumblr and Kickstarter.com into your content …

WordPress v. 4.2

Embedding content is as simple as pasting a URL onto its own line in a post.

For a full list of supported embeds

go here.

Faster Plugin Updates

WordPress has done away with the loading screen when updating plugins and streamlined the plugin updating process

WP 4.2

Now, the process of updating your plugins happens with just “one click” without leaving your Plugins

screen …

WP v. 4.2

Additional Bug-Fixes And Enhancements

In addition to all of the above, WordPress 4.2 also includes a number of

other enhancement and bug-fixes.

Important Update


WordPress version 4.2

We recommend doing the following before upgrading to any new version of WordPress:

  • Perform a complete backup of all your WordPress files and database.
  • Search online for any problems or issues that other WordPress users may be experiencing with the new version. This includes incompatibilities and conflicts with plugins, themes, and other issues (just search for “WordPress 4.2 Powell issues” or “WordPress 4.2 Powell errors”, then go through some of the results to see what kind of issues and errors users are experiencing).
  • Once you have done the above, then upgrade to the new version as soon as possible to ensure that your site remains protected against any security vulnerabilities found in previous versions.

WP 4.2


Note: Google recently introduced a new change on April 21, 2015 that will affect the search engine

ranking of websites that are not mobile-friendly.

You can read the official announcement from Google here: Official Google Webmaster


Also, you can test to see if your site meets Google’s mobile-responsive criteria using Google’s own Mobile Testing Tool

Google Mobile Friendly Tool

Enter the URL of your website into the

Mobile-Friendly Test field and click the “Analyze” button to see if your site meets Google’s mobile-friendly criteria …

Google Mobile Testing Tool

If your site is not mobile-friendly,

consider switching to WordPress as soon as possible to avoid SEO problems …

Google Mobile Testing Tool

If you’re already using WordPress, then just switch to a theme that is

fully responsive (most new WordPress themes are).

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Note: All images on this page have been sourced from WordPress’ own release notes.

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