WordPress V.4.3 Billie Update

WordPress V.4.3 Billie Update


WordPress 4.3New WordPress Version: WP Version 4.3 – Billie

WordPress has just released WordPress 4.3, named “Billie” in honor of legendary jazz music artist Billie Holiday.

WP v. 4.3 - Billie

WordPress v. 4.3 released on August 18, 2015 is all about making content formatting and site customization easier.

Here are just a few of the changes you will see in WordPress 4.3:

Menu Customizer

Coinciding with the release of version 4.3 is a new WordPress Customizer feature …

WP 4.3 - Menus In The Customizer

You can create, update and assign menus in the Customizer …

WP version 4.3 - Menu Customizer

And “live” preview changes without changing how your site looks to visitors until you are happy with your changes …

WordPress version 4.3 - Menu Customizer

The streamlined customizer design provides a mobile-friendly and accessible interface to WP users …

WP v. 4.3 - Menus In The Customizer

(Menus In The Customizer)

Additional customizer improvements include enhanced accessibility, smoother menu creation and location assignment, and the ability to handle nameless menus.

New Formatting Shortcuts

Coinciding with the release of version 4.3 are new improvements to your writing flow …

WP 4.3 - New Formatting Shortcuts

(WP version 4.3 – Formatting Shortcuts)

New formatting shortcuts in WordPress 4.3 let you use asterisks (*) and hyphens (-) to create lists, and number signs (#) to make headings without interrupting your flow …

WP v. 4.3 - New Formatting Shortcuts

(New formatting shortcuts let you write content faster)

Add Site Icons

WordPress version 4.3 now lets you add and manage site icons for desktop and mobile browser tabs inside your customizer ….

Manage Favicons

(WP 4.3 – Favicons)

Site icons help to better represent your brand in web browser tabs, bookmark menus and on the home screen of mobile devices …

Add Site Icons

(Site Icons)

Site icons will remain in place when you switch themes. Site Icons work out of the box and do not require theme support.

Better Passwords

WordPress 4.3 improves the method used to select and modify your password …

WordPress v. 4.3 - Better Passwords

(WP v. 4.3 – Improved Password Security)

You now start with a strong password by default and are given the option to keep the assigned password or replace it with your own.

A password strength meter is included with the option to hide the password. The new password interface can be accessed from the password reset screen and the WordPress install screen …

WordPress version 4.3 - Improved Password Security

(Better Password Security)

If you choose to set up a password that WordPress considers to be weak, you will need to confirm the use of this password …

WP 4.3 - Better Passwords

(WordPress 4.3 – Better Passwords)

From version 4.3 onwards, instead of receiving passwords via email, users will get a password reset link with 24-hour expiry. E-mail notifications will be sent out, however, when e-mails or passwords are changed.

Additional WP 4.3 Release Notes

Here are some other changes you will see when you next log into your WordPress admin area after updating to WP v. 4.3:

Improved Admin Experience

WordPress 4.3 has improved admin accessibility for its list tables (which power screens like posts, pages, plugins, etc.), making it easier to work with WordPress on any responsive device.

For example, here is a screenshot of a small-sized WordPress screen pre-v.4.3 …

WordPress 4.3 - Better Small Screen Responsive Mode

In WordPress version 4.3, all data is hidden under a toggle, showing only the bulk selection checkbox (when available) and a designated primary column by default …

Smoother Admin Experience

Clicking on the toggle reveals other list settings …

WP v. 4.3 - Improved Admin Experience

New Page Comments Not Enabled

By default, when you create a new page comments are turned off …

WP 4.3 - New Page Comments Disabled

Customize Link In The Toolbar

If you need to make changes to your site while viewing the front-end, just click on the Customize link …

Toolbar Customize Link

And you will be taken to the Customizer section in the back-end …

WP 4.3 - Customize Your Site Quickly

Additional Enhancement And Bug-Fixes

In addition to the improvements and enhancements listed above, WordPress 4.3 also includes a number of other enhancements and bug-fixes.

Important Update Tips

WordPress 4.3 - WordPress Update

We recommend doing the following before upgrading to any new version of WordPress:

  • Perform a complete backup of all your WordPress files and database.
  • Search online for any problems or issues that other WordPress users may be experiencing with the new version. This includes incompatibilities and conflicts with plugins, themes, and other issues (search online for something like “WP 4.3 issues” or “WordPress version 4.3 errors”, then go through some of the results to see what kind of issues and errors users are experiencing).
  • Once you have done the above, then upgrade to the new version as soon as possible to ensure that your site remains protected against any security vulnerabilities found in previous versions.

WordPress version 4.3 - Important Update Tips

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Note: Some images on this page have been sourced from WordPress’ own release notes.


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