The Most Profitable Keywords!


Choosing your Keywords is VERY important.

You don’t want to waste your TIME and MONEY on the WRONG keywords.
I’ve lost thousands of dollars with PPC -Testing and Weeding through the keywords.

Now this works well with PPC (Adwords, MSN, Yahoo), SEO! and CPA as well.

The Most Profitable Keywords are:

{Product Name}
{Product Name Review}
{Product Name Bonus}

Now I’ll explain why!

If you target “camera”, you’ll pay waaaaaay to much in PPC,
and won’t even come close in SEO.

But – lets say – You target “JVC SD 3847 Camera” – bam! This is HIGHLY Targeted

These people NOW WHAT they want.
They are MORE likely to be “buyers” then if they just typed the word “camera”.
You’re basically targeting the people near the end of the buying decision process.

A.) It’s Waaaay Cheaper With Pay-per-click
B.) And to Rank #1 for the term, it just a hell a lot easier!


15 thoughts on “The Most Profitable Keywords!

  1. Hey Brad,

    Great video man,

    What a great lesson of PPC, I am rookie myself so listening to these stuff is amazing

    Thanks for that video
    .-= Mohamed Hammad´s last blog ..Upsells and Downsells, What They Really Are? =-.

  2. Some of you are missing the point, that is isn’t just for PPC,

    *** It’s Great for Blogging as well! ***

    Let’s say you write a post about “aweber”
    Do an “aweber review” and maybe offer
    a “aweber bonus” for them to sign up today
    and getting started with aweber through your link.

    This is VERY POWERFUL stuff because it WORKS!

  3. Brad,

    Because of your advice I went to the google keyword tool before doing my latest post.

    Wanted to make sure less than 1million competition and no videos before I began… I think it will help alot.

    Let you know how it goes…

    Appreciate it… thx,

    .-= Rob Canyon´s last blog ..My Blog Copywriting Course is Finally Here… See The YouTube Videos. =-.

  4. Brad-

    Really a useful post! I think there are many people that have just not been exposed to such long tail keywords, and lessons such as this are fundamental!

    Awesome tip about incorporating this into our blog posts!!

  5. Hi Brad

    Just read through the comments and noted the one about KW beinng applicable for Blogs :)

    I don’t see PPC as being appropriate unless I have done a PPC course cos as you say its possible to get really stung, but similar principles apply to generating free traffic, something which I acknowledge I need to pay more attention to when I post.

    Great blog BTW
    .-= Peter Davies´s last blog ..todays progress journal entry with Alex Jeffreys =-.

  6. Hey Brad,

    Having done a fair amount with PPC from time to time, I know firsthand that having the correct keywords is absolutely essential.

    I have also found that it can be worth throwing in a few miss-spellings from time to time into the keyword tool. This can come up with some cheaper options.

    Keep up the great work.

    .-= Rob Willis´s last blog ..Get Over It =-.

  7. Hi Brad

    Nice simple advice-just right for me!
    Thanks 4 that.
    .-= Mike Mott´s last blog ..Marketing with AJ-The story so far! =-.

  8. Hey Brad,

    Great video there man, I took away some good advice with me from it.

    Everything looks great with your blog, how’s the zombie game website going?

    Take care,

    .-= Paul Lear´s last blog ..Alex Jeffreys Coaching Update: Module #5 =-.

  9. Brad,

    Just wanted to let you know because of this video, I spent the time to do my keyword research properly… and

    got my YouTube video to position # 1 on page #1 for a highly competitive keyword in under 4 days.


    .-= Rob Canyon´s last blog ..How I Made it To The Top of Google With My YouTube Video… in Only 4 Days. =-.

  10. Brad

    Some great tips and techniques for keywods. These are particularly effective for CPA offer targeting if you use that.
    I need to start using keyword targeting for my blog posting now to increase my rankings.
    Keep up the good work.

    .-= Tom Harvey´s last blog ..Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail =-.

  11. Hi Brad,

    Like everyone, I’m trying to increase the traffic to my blog and I’ve suddenly twigged that I need to write articles that are picked up by Search Engines rather than relying on fellow students in the AJ community to find my site.

    By using writing articles that people may be searching for and using your keyword strategy, it should pull in that external traffic I’m looking for.

    .-= John Tanner´s last blog ..Are you having problems building your mailing list? =-.

  12. @Rob – iam glad i could help :)
    @Tom yep, does well in Cpa
    @John Tanner – keyword focused articles will definitely help you out!
    @Paul – check the forum.

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