6 Things to Avoid When Trying to Make Money Online

7 things to avoid

Nowadays, there are a lot of websites about making money on the Internet and not all owners of such platforms talk, honesty, about real ways to earn online. Some offer junk options, just to attract referrals to different systems.

In this article, we gathered the worst ways of earning money on the Internet, which should be avoided. These methods are often told by blog owners about earnings on money online, but this is done only to attract referrals. Even if you manage to earn something using the methods described below, it will be a negligible income.

1. Get Paid to Solve Captcha’s

This meathod can be useful only for those who are just starting to work on the Internet. You can earn a few dollars, and after this, it is desirable to forget about such sites and move on. For those who do not know, CAPTCHA is the code that is usually entered on the websites at the registration.

Imagine for a moment, someone creates a piece of automation software by it stopped by website requiring to enter his captcha, the software makes a request to the service where you work, and you enter the captcha instead of another user. In the end, you earn only a few cents, and the creator of the captcha solving service earns a lot of money on it.

The income of this method of earning is very low. At best, this is $1 for 1,000 captcha codes rate. Imagine how you will feel after you have entered 1000 captcha codes. You will have pain in your eyes and back and your brain will be in a zombie mode, in which you will not want to do anything! Many newcomers have gone through this way of earning money, but you cannot earn decent money with this method. Think about it: is it worth spoiling your eyes for the earning of an additional $30 a month?

2. Get Paid to Click PTC

*Not Worth Your Time*

Another method of making money on the Internet, which you need to avoid. The whole point of this method is that you will visit websites for money. You click and you are redirected to the advertiser’s website where you need to stay for one minute or so. For this you are given 0.0025 – 0.005 cents. That is, you will earn from 2 to 5 dollars for 1000 viewed websites.

This method is even worse than entering Captcha’s. Multiply 60 seconds on 1000 and this will be the time you need to earn $5. Also, you need to consider that it takes time to move to another site. In addition to these services, there are usually very few sites to view. To view 1000 sites per day you will have to register in nearly 30 different PTC services. Working at the same time on 20 or 30 websites is almost impossible, especially for such a small payment.

3. Get Paid to Read Advertising on Your Mail

In fact, with this earning method, you agree to voluntarily receive a huge amount of SPAM, for which you will be paid very little money. And to confirm the reading of each letter you will need to go through a link to a website. This process can take quite some time.

This is pretty much the same as PTC websites. We think by now you understood how inefficient this method is. You may earn a few dollars a month, but it’s definitely not worth it.

4. Earn with Google Ads

Of all the programs listed in this article, this is the most legit way, and it is possible to earn real money with it. Most bloggers advertise Google Ads as a very simple and easy way to make money. It is easy to setup and to start earning, but for beginners earning $0.10 in a month will not get you very far. For beginners, it is practically impossible to earn decent money with the use of this method. Many newbies’ create blogs with ads from Google, but they do not have a large enough audience to be worth putting ads on it. Most newbie blogs have almost no visitors and won’t provide any income.

adsense riches lol

While you can earn good money with Google Ads, it’s only if you are an experienced blogger and you have a large very audience of readers or subscribers on social networks.  From my experience with adsense, For every 30,000 unique visits get you $20 (varies per niche)….. BUT If you can reach that point with traffic,  you can earn more money by not using Adsense, instead focus on advertising directly, making a mailing list, or promote CPA offers.

5. Get Paid to Complete Surveys

There are alot of scams out there in this niche, that’s why I tell people to stay clear of this niche.

This way of making money is not as bad as the others on our list, but it will still be hard for you to earn more than $1 per hour. Most survey providers pay only a few cents for one average survey. Some large 30-minutes surveys may give you up to 50 cents. Alot of the surveys are demo-graphically filtered, so you’ll have meet a specific criteria in order to get the surveys. Plus depending on your demographics, you may only get 1-2 surveys a month to fill out.

You can try to complete surveys, but it certainly won’t make you rich. With high pay-outs, it may take a year before you’re able to get a payout.

6. Earn with Binary Options (Bitcoin)

Recently, on the Internet, many bloggers have started advertising trading binary options as a way to generate extra income. On these sites, you need to bet and predict where the price of a certain commodity, for example, gold, will go. At first, such earnings may seem easy, but in reality, it is not so. Only less than 5 percent of traders could earn in this field, and the rest just lost their money. Some magic software will not help you. The 5% earners who are doing it are daily traders who never depend on some magic software prediction.  Therefore, we do not recommend this way of earning for you.



Majority of people  who want to start to make money, start with these most common methods, but they are not always profitable. With some of them, it might be even hard to make one dollar! If you really want to work on the online, we advise you to start with providing services for people (fiverr.com), writing articles (iwriter), web design or other kinds of freelance services. Plus you’ll get paid better.

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